Future Forest Schoolers

Is Forest School Right for Your Family?


Am I excited about a learning environment that is rhythm and routine based, but ultimately about children exploring? (There are adults that help children move forward through their day, but if a child becomes absolutely engrossed, schedules can be adjusted.


Am I ok with my child being potentially muddy and sometimes bruised from exploring at the end of the day?


Do I believe my child is inherently whole and capable of discovering and setting boundaries for themselves with the support of loving teachers?


Do I see the merit in children working out their differences and relationships with each other without close adult supervision? (Heidi is always close at hand to hold space and offer support if needed while still allowing authentic situations to arise with the opportunity to be solved by the children. She may address the conflict later or pass it to parents for further learnings.)


I understand the importance of direct observation and am willing to volunteer for a morning roughly once every month and half to be with my child and their peers in the forest.


I find value in investing in quality gear for my child so that they are comfortable outdoors in all sorts of weather.

Next Steps:

If you agree with all the above statements and think forest school would be a good fit for your child and your family please email Ms. Heidi to arrange a phone call. Once it has been determined that TFS is a good fit and that there is space in the class, you will find the links below to all the necessary paperwork.

Enrollment Form


Gear List